Pepperoni rolls

20121226-080516.jpgI mentioned how I learned about these and how I came to make them in my last post.  This is just about as easy as it gets, folks.  I loved both these and the pizza cups but leaned toward preferring the pizza cups more.  Hubby also enjoyed both but leaned toward preferring these.  Both are great appetizers and would be FANTASTIC Super Bowl (or Aggie game day :-)) food.

Pizza Rolls
Preheat:  375
Makes:  For 8, you will need 1 can of crescent rolls and 4 sticks of string cheese.  You can expand this to however many you would like!
Time:  5 minutes prep, 10-12 minutes bake

Crescent rolls – original flavor (and I used store brand)
String cheese

Cut pepperoni slices in half.
Cut string cheese sticks in half.
Roll out crescent rolls into their individual triangles.
At the wide end, place 4 or 5 pepperoni halves.  Put half a stick of string cheese on top.
Roll – wide end to narrow end, and lay on baking sheet with the narrow point down.
Repeat.  Bake at 375, 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with pizza sauce for dipping.


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